Obamacare Pros And Cons

What is Obamacare?

What exactly is Obamacare that came to the agenda in 2010? While many of us already know the answer to this question, in the other part people wonder exactly how this system, also known as Affordable Health Care, works. As the 2021 open enrollment period has opened, we have compiled the curious and necessary things about Obamacare for you ...


Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Although it is referred to as Obamacare, it is actually known as the Affordable Care Act and appears briefly as ACA. This law, signed for health insurance in 2010, was designed to create affordable health insurance for all Americans. In addition, it aimed to protect US citizens who had to be included in the health insurance plan from insurance company tactics that could restrict possible patient care.


Since the ACA came to the fore, millions of people in many states have been involved in insurance plans through Obamacare and have benefited from this law. Especially people who were unemployed or had a low income could be included in this plan. If you cannot work due to various obligations or you have a chronic illness and cannot get a health service that meets your medical condition, you can also benefit from the advantages offered by Obamacare.


Despite the many positive advantages it offers, it has been discussed throughout the country that Obamacare, namely ACA, has disadvantages as well as advantages and while all these discussions are still ongoing, the details of the law are still being discussed and some configurations are expected to come to the agenda.


Does It Benefit To Be Included In The Obamacare Plan?

Employees currently do not have any health insurance problems. However, with the advent of COVID-19, millions of people have been unemployed in America, and this does not change the obligation to be included in the health insurance plan. When such a situation came to the agenda, naturally, people who did not need ACA until now had their need for affordable insurance. The number of populations requiring ACA has increased considerably.


Taking all these into consideration and discussing, ACA's coverage areas and advantages were expanded, especially in order to protect the rights and safety of people who are unemployed and cannot earn sufficient income. Especially if you are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, you will receive equal health care regardless of your health insurance plan.


If you do not have the budget to be included in any health insurance, it will be the best option to be included in the Affordable Care Act plan by using Obamacare. If you want to browse health insurance plans and find the most affordable health insurance quotes, you can contact us by filling out our form.

Since it’s adoption in 2010, the Affordable Care Act more commonly known as Obamacare has been at the center of multiple debates. The US elections and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought more light on the advantages and inconvenients of such a law since the number of US citizens who are looking for affordable and personal health insurance coverage is skyrocketing.

As the open enrollment period is still open, we are taking this opportunity to explain some pros and cons of this controversial law. Let’s jump right into it!

Negative Points about Obamacare

As we have seen in a previous article, since the adoption of Obamacare or the ACA, this law has never stopped being discussed and reconfigured. The Trump and Biden campaigns were another example of this infinite debate where Obamacare is constantly weaponized and renamed like the Trumpcare. 

Obamacare Pros And Cons

In order to make things a bit clearer, let’s have a look in the main cons against Obamacare:

  • Fine: First thing that Obamacare brought and has always been controversial since is the fine you receive when not having insurance. But depending on the state you live in, this fine may have already disappeared. 

  • Taxes and premiums cost: Since the ACA, many people who were already insured before saw their premiums going up. Same goes with different taxes which have been rising around the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

  • Crowded enrollment period: The short period of time when people can find health insurance that fits their needs online, is always subject to delays and technical problems.

This constantly erupting environment can be the first negative point in the sense that people are being showered with opposite information all the time. 

Positive Points about Obamacare

On the contrary many advantages can be found since the adoption of the ACA such as: 

  • Cost of prescription drugs: More affordable prescription drugs matter, especially for seniors and multiple chronic illness patients.

  • No more time limit: People with chronic health conditions would suffer from spending limits on their coverage before the ACA.

  • Healthy wallet: Millions of people are benefiting from affordable health insurance plans. Obamacare also prevented rate increases overtime.

Finally, one of the biggest achievements of Obamacare was the fact that today people with preexisting conditions such as cancer can find a health insurance provider. In fact the law is making you an outlaw if you are denying coverage to them as an insurance company. 

This list is not exhaustive but we hope that you found more information about Obamacare pros and cons. Don’t hesitate to fill out our form for more detailed information.

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