Types Of Medicare Plans By Age

Today, Medicare insurance is the most popular healthcare coverage of the USA. With the Affordable Care Act igniting new possibilities for the average US citizen, the number of healthcare insurance users has skyrocketed in the last decade. Many of the uninsured of yesterday are the new beneficiaries of today’s Medicare plans.

We want to dive into the types of Medicare plans that you can get in the current open enrollment period. Let’s start right now. 

Types Of Medicare Plans By Age

What Type Of Medicare Insurance Can You Get?

Whether you are over 65 years old and are already covered by Medicare insurance, or you are under 65 and are eligible for Medicare because of your medical conditions, many opportunities are there for you. When it comes to you age, there are two majors things to be aware of: 

  1. You celebrated your 65th birthday: In that case you are automatically eligible for Medicare insurance. Everything is aligned for you to make the best of the available Medicare plans on the market. The number of plans is increasing in 2021. You may also benefit from new policies and options on your health insurance marketplace. Options like filtering insurance coverage depending on your chronic illnesses is a possibility. Plus, by shopping online, you get the advantage to enter your drug treatment.

  1. You are younger than 65 years old: You are not qualified to get Medicare coverage unless you are disable or have a very difficult financial situation. The majority of people aged under 65 are benefiting from the Medicaid program which provides basic healthcare coverage for financial hardship individuals and families. Medicare Advantage is also commonly used through this category of people. This is mostly due to their chronic conditions or disabilities. 

Other types of individuals younger than 65 may benefit from Medicare through their employer cover or through Medigap. All those various plans can be very easy to get when you are retired. But many roads are also built for anyone to get access to the most basic needs of medical coverage. 

We hope that this article brought you a clearer view of the types of Medicare plans by age. If you are still curious about how you can benefit from it, simply fill out the form or leave us a comment. We will be happy to get back to you as fast as possible.

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